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Friday, May 01, 2015


There is something both comforting and relaxing about dog walking. Lincoln enjoys heading out for a trot along, not at the crack of dawn mind though, mid morning would be his preference. He can't decide whether he wants to jump straight into his harness or to 'woooo' and run away in an excited game.

It's great the way that he has such an enthusiasm for mooching along and sniffing around the same old routes. I love the fresh air and gentle exercise, spending a while with my husband and our favourite little guy.

For those of you less familiar with Lincoln or staffies in general I'll tell you this; staffies are awesome company. If you're thinking of getting a dog I would suggest this: research! There are thousands and thousands of dogs in rescue centres in need of loving homes and f you think you're cut out for a puppy then you're most likely cut out for a rescue dog. Puppies are no picnic.

The great thing about rescuing a grown up dog is that they stay just as cute as the day you set eyes on them. The camera doesn't seem to love Lincoln anywhere near as much as my eyes do, none of the photographs capture his cute, soft and affable nature, instead he looks rather serious and aloof but honestly this is not the case.

Staffies are a hugely misunderstood breed and for this the fault rests with both the media and the bad owners who train their dogs to behave badly. It's not a breed problem.

The kennel club recommends the Staffordshire bull terrier as one of the precious few breeds entirely suitable for families. RECOMMENDS.

As I'm writing this, Lincoln is dozing on the sofa, where he's been for the last 45 minutes and where he would stay for the next two hours if left to his own devices. He's friendly to everyone he meets and loves affection.

Staffies are absolutely amazing dogs and I honestly would plead with you to give them every consideration if choosing to take on a dog.



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