Let's smile and be thankful

Monday, June 13, 2016

Early June is an amazing time of year, isn't it? Such bright days with sunlight flooding in at the earliest opportunity and ebbing away late evening. The dawn chorus sometimes wakes me up and although it is around 4am; I can't help but smile.... how can I begrudge such a beautiful sound? It fills me with positivity. Those birds are fired up to go!
Back to my original musings; this year I'm relishing spring more than ever before. No, it might not be roasty toasty hot but good grief, things are happening. I don't want to remember a time when flowers didn't burst from hedgerows, verges and everywhere you can see.

Greenery is bursting forth too. Lush and full of vigour.

Are you in love with all that June has to offer?

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