Fitness update; the impossible balance

Thursday, June 16, 2016

fitness impossible balance

Do you recall the last fitness post? It feels like a distant memory as I write but over the past few weeks and months I've found myself about to compose a piece about how things are going well and how my motivation was on an all time high and yet before the words have found their way onto the page all has collapsed again into the abyss of emptiness.

My conclusion is that it must be normal to go through peaks and troughs of progress. I honestly feel like no matter how much good intention there is behind planning, sometimes things fall to pieces when it comes to the crunch. There are only 24 hours in a day. Spend them wisely. From a personal point of view, I have to say that it's utterly impossible to have everything. And I'm so disappointed.

Those 24 hours a day are a balancing act. There is no way to fit in everything that wants doing. Prioritising is key. Sometimes 'free' time has to be spent on cooking batches of food for the freezer to provide fast meals for future nights. Sometimes spending the time doing extra housework is essential for achieving a calm living space. Sometimes you need extra sleep. Other times you can spend time exercising. Being an adult is exhausting. Sometimes you have the time but no energy.

This year I've been weighing myself weekly. Scales are the enemy and I don't take much notice of what they say anyway but there is no denying that skinny jeans are now really rather uncomfortable and dresses with waistbands are a no-no. My diet is one I would describe as haphazard, though in my defence I would say I drink plenty of water, eat a fair amount of vegetables and quite a bit of fruit. I also eat quite a bit of protein and nuts, so technically it includes a whole host of all the good things I'm supposed to eat. However, I imagine it's the everything else that's the problem. There are no biscuits or cakes in the cupboard, though we often have those big sharing bags of crisps.

Exercise is currently down to once a week of intensive activity, plus running 5k up to twice a week (but often no running). It's lousy and I'm cross in a way that I don't make it more of a must do than just a want to. But in my defence I'm fitter than ever before! My strength and endurance is at an all time high, though running is a bit lame.... I think my days of racing are over, there's no joy in it any more. So I'm at my fittest while at my flumpiest too. Hurrah. Or not. Not much of a consolation when my belly is hanging over the top of the jeans.

C bought me this book I talked about as a surprise. It's written by The Lean Machines; John Chapman and Leon Bustin who are two inspiring local faces from Norfolk (you must have heard of them!They have a website too). They not only share advice on healthy eating and exercise but also on the mental health side as well. I'm a positive person in the mornings but these guys really put me to shame for the rest of the day. I'm going to try with some of their techniques for keeping happy and I'm sure it will make a positive impact. They also don't talk bull about things being easy nor make wild promises. It was really refreshing.

Lean machines book review
I guess this turned into a bit of a ramble really but I really wanted to check in with myself and say things aren't perfect by a long shot but I'm trying my best and still finding my way.
It must be about balance and I wouldn't want to work out 6 nights a week but live in a dishevelled house with no clean clothes and nothing to eat in the cupboard.
Please tell me I'm not alone.

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