Be like the bees

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

be like the bees
When we stumbled across some wild raspberry canes while out walking there was an unmistakable hum in the air. The little raspberry flowers played host to so many bees crawling all over them, seeking out nectar. Bees are so industrious aren't they? Trying to take photographs of any one is a particularly good illustration of how they go about their work; never staying still. Constantly moving from one flower to the next and the next and the next. It's inspiring. They don't dawdle, stop to natter amongst the others or have a little rest.
I wonder if they have any idea just how important they are to the rest of the planet? I don't expect so.
be like the bees

be like the bees

be like the bees
Be like the bees; busy, diligent and play an important role. Get stuck in.

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