Summer plans

Thursday, June 23, 2016

summer plans
Summer is what you make it; that's what I believe.
I'm planning to continue savouring every moment, come rain or shine.
The season has offered some highlights already which have been a delight so I'll first strike off a few that we've already encountered. Inevitably, there are a few crossovers with my spring goals list.
summer plans


  • The wardrobe swap - This year I laundered most of my summer clothes before cramming them in the wardrobe. I really need to get my wardrobe refined so that I get rid of things I no longer want to wear...
  • Get up to see the sun rise on the Solstice - We got up, but the sun didn't. A cloudy morning but with a warm breeze (delightfully empty)

summer plans

In action

  • Planting out at the allotment - We grew so many plants from seed in the greenhouse and all but 5 are planted out (they're too small and fragile). 
  • Tending the allotment - It's a constant work in progress but we're ploughing on 
  • Cook with our allotment produce or give it away - we're about to start with the bulk of the harvesting time soon so I need to remain vigilant on using it or giving it away.
  • Taking evening strolls - There have been so many beautiful evenings already we've taken a walk. There's nothing stopping you.
  • Cutting flowers and bringing them inside - yes, I've done this often and it's been so uplifting. I'm searching out more vessels to store them in.
summer plans

To do

  • Press flowers - I have a little flower press and I'd love to get a few pressing, to see what I can manage. They would make for beautiful decorations.
  • Have a proper picnic with my hamper - This is a MUST DO. There's nothing more enjoyable than a simple picnic on the grass in the summer. 
  • Start my journal - I want to document my flower growing journal by hand. I have a book and pens.... I just need to make a start.
  • A trip to the seaside - This is a must do and hopefully it will be a hot day. 
  • Latitude festival - We have tickets so we just need to turn up!
  • Take a holiday - Or at least book one.
  • Stay up til dawn - Maybe. 
There are probably plenty of other obvious things to do over summer but we shall see what the new season brings. All I can say is that I want to make the best of it that I can and share it on here.


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