A murder of crows

Monday, December 05, 2016

A murder of crows
If you want something done, ask someone busy; they are the ones that somehow manage to get everything sorted while juggling about twelve different things all in one go.
Or do it yourself.
I feel like I am the busy one and frankly it's better to make myself more busy than to hope that anyone else can arrange any further things. Especially near Christmas. Some people actually have to be reminded that it's Christmas and 'have you got presents for so-and-so sorted?' to which the answer is that it hadn't crossed their mind. Quite incredible.
So it's been a more manic than usual few weeks recently but my hope it that it alleviates the last minute rush near Christmas. In the mean time, I've not got any posts ready for the week as my eyes stubbornly refused to stay open during the online shop last night; lids drooping in between additions to the basket. A victory in itself the order has been completed.

This picture is one from a few weeks ago when the rich blue skies sat as a stunning backdrop to the copper tones of the trees. A murder of crows swooped ominously over the treetops, caawing as they circled. Quite atmospheric.

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