Autumn in review

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Who even knows when Autumn is officially over any more with the Met Office spouting their own version of events and the natural calendar keeping pace with the way things have always been. I'm sure nobody gives a fig about the autumn to winter transition with the imminent prospect of Christmas but it feels like the right time to reflect on how autumn has gone. I made a little list of things back in September with some ideas of what to do.
  • Project craft room - I have made good progress with this, well enough to start with but probably more will be achieved in the awkward spot between Christmas and new year. Or between new year and spring; the last thing I want to do is to make it feel like another chore.
  • Change over my wardrobe - yes, it's happened and in a good way. Things are more organised.
  • Have a clothing clear out - As best as I can. Keeping things which I like is important to me, more so than streamlining for the sake of it.
  • Bake a pumpkin pie - Yes, but it was a bit of a disaster... as expected. I ended up making a custard tarty style flapjack with pumpkin which although sounds ugly and looks flabby, actually tastes delicious. 
  • Open the flower press - WHAAAAT! I've not done this! Something exciting yet to do.  
  • Write letters - Oh yes, not only did I catch up on all correspondence but I wrote to two of C's aunts too for Christmas. And we have received a reply already which is delightful. 
  • Enjoy the first frost - Ooo I really did; pictures here 
  • Forage! - We didn't do as well as we could have. We picked rosehips but the nuts didn't happen. The chestnuts were microscopic and never really got round to the blackberries.
  • Rosehip syrup. YES! Two types made, both amazing. 
  • Blackberry and apple crumble. Sadly not
  • Sloe gin. No, though we do have last year's maturing. So technically yes.
I also found out I had been named Vuelio's top photography blog and have also been nominated for a UK Blog award - I would love your vote for best photography blog only a few more days left to vote if you haven't already.
We've prepped the allotment for the end of the summer season and  I've pondered winter fitness too. There have been lots of other things going on too, some yet to talk about.

How has your autumn been? I'm slightly alarmed that I need to make winter plans now!!!


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