Dark days

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dark days, dead cow parsley
Although it's not up for negotiation, I have often considered that Christmas would be better placed at the end of January. The mild early winter weather hasn't been in keeping with those snowy scenes on the Christmas cards we send to each other; good King Wenceslas' deep and crisp and even snow hasn't materialised. The build up to Christmas day is supposed to be filled with fun and festivities. I can't help feeling that the neglected, miserable months of January and February would be better filled with such festive spirit. Once Boxing Day is over all talk of Christmas is shelved for another ten months, with the tree and decorations looking like leftovers from an abandoned party. It often seems to be that Christmas has been tidied away well before the brunt of the brutal winter weather has hit.
While the days may be technically getting lighter, the dark still grips tight and won't let go without a fight.

Yes, I am quite aware of how many pictures of dead weeds I take. But, my, they're so beautiful.

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  1. They are beautiful, I agree.
    When I was a child I used to hope for snow at roughly 8pm on Christmas Eve, every year I'd look out thinking 'it'll snow this year, I can feel it'. It never did and I gave up at the age of 12. Stupid weather.

  2. Wintry scenes not much fun for someone who cycles to work. I dread it, totally dread it!

  3. For me Christmas continues until Jan 5th but yes, there is a feeling of doom in Jan and Feb. I always feel gloom at having a Winter birthday. As I write, I'm on a squashed to capacity Southern Rail train to the airport and it feels mad but at least I'm off to some sun.x

  4. This photo is beyond beautiful. The lighting is phenominal. January and February always seem the most brutal months. The weather is always at it's most bitter and after all the festivities everyone seems in a lull. More than a lull, at almost a downward mood brought on by the guilt of excess and starving themselves of things that they love. I think it's mportant that we are kind to ourselves in those months that can be so hard.
    Kate xx


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