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Monday, December 12, 2016

Yesterday we took a short wander in the morning to just separate ourselves from the busy hubbub of all things festive. Naturally, I wanted to get a few outfit pictures as well which is the most awkward thing should anyone appear unexpectedly. I try to avoid it if at all possible. Anyway, while I was lingering over putting my jumper and coat back on in a hope that some dog walkers would carry on and not say anything one of them asked C if he'd taken any good photographs that morning. (He hadn't seen me looking like a twerp in front of the camera). C replied that there wasn't much about. Had I not been desperate to be ignored in a confusing state of not wearing an obviously needed coat, I would have chipped in to point out that the light was fantastic! My memory card is littered with pictures that filled me with excitement. Quite often on days that seem to have little going for them the images that present themselves are some of the most interesting.
More of this very soon once I have them ready to show you.

One little thing...Someone allegedly nominated this blog for a UK Blog Award and I would love your vote in the photography category. If you haven't already voted and feel like humouring me then cast your vote here and let me know so I can say thank you. I know the competition is stiff but nevertheless I'm grateful to be a part of things. Big thank you to the wonderful people who have already voted!


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