Busy bees

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

We're all busy bees.
Just a little post to say I haven't written much recently as I've been prioritising my plants. The garden has undergone significant changes this spring, the wildflower patch has tripled, I took on an extra half plot at the allotment for flowers so let's just say it's kept me busy.
It's a lot of work but it's keeping me out of mischief.
Don't ever forget that it's a clear indication of your priorities: where you spend your time and money.
I'm making choices to skimp on going out and lazing on the sofa (and my workouts too recently) because my first choice is to get all my outdoors work done.
People who say 'I must get round to...' are just saying they don't value it as a high priority. End of story.

Make good choices!

Take care,

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