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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Rookie error going out on a changeable day with bare arms. Chilly legs I can tolerate but not arms. Goosebumps on goosebumps in the shady spots, brrr.
I'm sure we had a tablecloth like this when I was younger.
Token pockets, not even big enough for my hands. I wouldn't be happy about putting anything in there, not of value. Car key, phone.. they'd just hop out. I brought up the subject of pockets with C the other week. Why are pockets either non-existent or inadequate in women's clothing? Why is it that the vast majority of  women carry handbags but men virtually never do? What is it that means women cannot carry the same things about their person? I physically could not fit my car keys, house key, phone, purse, tissues, pen and notebook into pockets. They wouldn't fit. The keys, purse and phone are non-negotiable yet C would have these too, albeit slightly smaller wallet and manages to not need a bag. It's not even female specific things we keep in bags. It's just stuff, but not even for 'ladylike' things like sanitary protection or makeup. It's rare you see a woman without a bag.
When did this happen???? Why should we need a bag? Why should we need to carry more around with us? Have you tried to go bag-free and how was it? I feel a challenge coming on. But no, I bloody don't want a money belt or a bum-bag thanks.
This would be my FIFA shot btw.
Broom in bloom. It might look like gorse flower but gorse will stab you to smithereens, bloom has no spikes.

Ditch the handbag? And how?
Take care,

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  1. No, I cannot ditch the handbag! I carry the kitchen sink around with (particularly since trying to avoid unnecessary waste!) and I carry a rucksack everywhere! I wish i could reduce but I fail!
    I remember this lovely dress- it''s the original, "Sophie in the Sticks" rebrand dress! Beautiful! I do love pockets on dresses- Emily and Fin dresses have good pockets!x

  2. I love anything with a decent pocket, but even then I'd still carry a bag around with me. I sometimes go out just clutching my phone, keys, and maybe a lip balm but this is very occasionally and only if we're going to someones house. I'd find it impossible not to have a bag at any other time as I carry a hanky, notebook, pen, folding shopping bags, 'emergency pouch' containing plasters, a swiss army 'card' (a female version of the pen knife that's as flat and the size of a credit card), paracetamol... typing it does make me wonder why I carry all of this stuff - oh! small bottle of sunscreen - all of the time, but you just never know when you're going to need it. And I guess that's where we get trapped! Interesting idea though!


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