A long way to go

Thursday, June 27, 2019

I've missed out on the chance to get outfit pictures quite a lot this year through lack of time, effort and sometimes by not wanting to be a nuisance. This look was one that I really loved. Simple but also  little different for me as I'm not often a tee wearer. There's been so much talk about fast fashion and clothing waste lately and while I can hold my head up in the knowledge that the majority of my wardrobe is second hand there are some things I do buy new, so I can clearly do more.
My dilemma in question is vest tops and outdoor shorts. Previously I found that buying a specific vest top and shorts in a variety of colours from a particularly renowned vendor (for rather unscrupulous workers' condition practice) was ideal. The tops were perfect, met my criteria* when dozens of others didn't, were cheap and lasted ages with being worn and washed frequently. So if I don't buy these, then where do I go? I don't know. Same with the shorts. It's more expensive to buy pre-loved on ebay and each would be posted to me separately. I don't mind looking in charity shops but I can't get my hands on anything now. With something like a vest top it would have to be in mint condition anyway, I don't want anything half worn.
*cotton with elastane mix, not too strappy, good length, not see-through.

Yes, I know I probably own too many clothes but at least they do get worn and if I have a clear out they go back to a charity shop. The elasticated band on this is fraying and at some point will lose it's shape and tension. Clothes like this aren't designed to be mended and let's face it, I've not been taught how to mend anything. I would love to be able to say I'll take off the offending part and replace it but the chances are I'll be putting it in the clothes recycling container at the tip.
There's a long way to go, isn't there?
Take care,

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  1. I feel similarly about that. I still buy too many clothes even though the majority are second hand. I have easier access to Charity shops than you I think though! I was really happy to find two wonderful vest tops in the charity shop recently- one white, one orange!

  2. Good quality t-shirts are hard to find in charity shops that's for sure. When it comes to any high street retailer I think that it's OK to shop in them as long as it's not in a wasteful way. Imagine if everyone stopped buying clothes only to dispose of them two months later? If you're buying and wearing them frequently I don't see the issue if you can't find what you need in a charity shop. What needs to happen is for everyone to shop this way. I read a shocking statistic recently, that women wear a new garment an average of 7 times before getting rid of it!!
    There is more work to be done and I think it's about finding a balance. You shouldn't have to justify your high street purchases if you're making considered purchases that you intend to keep and wear over and over again. As for that skirt, if you want it mended I'd be happy to give it a go...


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