Alive and busying

Friday, June 21, 2019

On Sunday we slipped out for a brief wander. Even when our to-do list is longer than both arms we still try to break off and enjoy a wander somewhere. The sun kept being blocked out by the clouds so although it was mild it wasn't bright and warm. My expectation of seeing copious butterflies and dragonflies was quickly re-aligned to hoping to see anything. Considering the amount of flowers and lush vegetation I really thought they'd be plenty to see.
One of these large red damselflies (male?).
One of these blue demoiselle males.

Yes, a few bees. This first one looked pooped. Overdone things too early before the sun got going.
His mate was still buzzing around the rest of the yellow flag irises.

A dog walker tipped us off about young deer grazing. I wouldn't have initially thought this was a youngster but who knows?

Look at that nose. Should we call it a proboscis? I don't much like weird looking insects like this and hold strong suspicious they will fly at my face/hair or land on my leg and cause me great distress. I once stood in a field of long grass and though the tickling on my leg was just a fluffy ear but it turned out to be a caterpillar and any tickling on my skin makes me jumpy now.

Ah, this weirdy spit thing. Some people say sheep's spit but I read in a book recently it's a little bug or parasite which blows froth out of it's anus. [raises eyebrows and tries not to break into a giggle].

Is it a painted lady butterfly? It's hard to make out behind all the grass.
Fingers crossed to see more on brighter days!

Take care,

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