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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

I'll hold my hands up and admit I've lost all track of what happened when in May or when it stopped being May and started being June. Time has whirled and swirled while we've been outdoors most of the time. Except Saturday. The rain arrived Saturday and I called time on the gardening in favour of coffee and a sit down at about 3pm. The football was on; hurrah! Five minutes of that match slightly snowballed into watching most of the two further matches that day, no regrets! So much fun. Then Sunday's non-negotiable date with the England Lionesses' opening match. Ah, it was a good weekend of football. I can see that it's going to be a good few weeks.
Back to the blog! We tried a walk a few weeks back but got rained off a few minutes in so we u-turned back indoors again. The following week we tried again and fortunately barring a few inexplicable spots of rain we made it round properly. Here are the pictures I took those days.

Oxeye daisies.
Cherries filling out

See the speckled wood butterfly?
No missing this bright fella - I think it's a brimstone moth.

Blooms and blooms yet to flower.

Buttercups and ribwort plantain which are very meadow-y to me.

Above, this amazing climbing, winding lime green flowering plant is... White or black bryony.
Yellow of the trefoil popping up in amongst everything else.

Yes, this IS a red admiral Sophie. Put your thinking cap on.

Not seen much red clover this year, but plenty of white. The tiny small copper butterflies loving the netar.

Deer trying to pretend we're around until instincts insist it raises the (tail) alarm and did a funny jumpy run off and into the crop of barley.
Get lost in the long grass a while until we have to retreat indoors.
Take care,

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