The flower patch in early June

Thursday, June 13, 2019

 Most times I go to the allotment I whip out my phone and snap a few shots. Last time I managed to get a post up from the plots? Ummm... well the new flower plot maybe never. Anyway, two nights ago I conscientiously took shots of all three areas with the steely determination to plaster then up on the blog now that there's something to SEE.
Here's the flower plot, not the wildflower patch which is our other, other project. I took it up in around October when it came up for grabs. It was a jungle of weeds which was daunting as they had took a proper hold and would have been scattering seeds left right and centre for at least a couple of years. C was instrumental in putting the paths in and putting up the fence and gate (thank goodness). Once we had made the beds and cleared as much rubbish out of them as possible - roots and the like - it was down to me to see to getting it planted as and when. I want this to be a cutting garden but with no feeling of obligation to cut. Especially perennials and those hardy annuals which will self seed to build up a good carpet.

I've been busy! The spring bulbs have bloomed and subsided. Plugs have been planted, tubers planted and seeds sown. I'll walk you round the plot. Although I suspect some of you may nod off well before the end. There's something to see but not many flowers as yet but give them a chance!
Above: Front bed there are lilies, gladiolus and anemones. The anemones have almost finished but it' been a decent show. I bought 2 or 3 types of gladiolus and a couple of lilies. Looking ok so far and most have come up. In the next bed back there are lupins to the end then 4 types of decorative opium poppies. I had to sow and sow again as it didn't look like anything was coming up for months. Also I managed to transplant a few that were growing rogue elsewhere. They HATE root disturbance and most I tried to move died swiftly. A few clung on and have established against the odds. There should be some beautiful flowers but it's the seed heads I'm after for dry displays and to spread the seeds for a larger display next year.

Below: The double size bed! Statice to the edge then dwarf cosmos and full eight cosmos. Three types if I remember correctly. They haven't grown much at all compared to other things on the plot and they need to go up! To the centre there is thalictrum delavayi (should be 5 but I can only see 3 plants) intermingled with verbena bonariensis which takes a while to do anything but does seed well so next year might have a chance. Sunflowers - vanilla ice, a pale multi-headed variety.  Two rows of delphiniums which were looking strong but the wind and rain have given them such a battering that I'm concerned they might give up.

Last two rows on the left are a mix of ammi majus ( cow parsley style) in with cornflowers in blues and pinks. At the back it's sweet williams and alliums. The clumped sweet williams were last years and have done really well. I didn't realise they were good to keep so two years ago I foolishly ripped them out and composted them. Next years patch will be fuller.
And to the right side:
Above: The daffodils and tulips are long over, the alliums of various sizes are in full flower now. I took pity on the out of sync honesty plants and popped them in but there's no flowers so I probably missed the boat. As we're short on space (she says, with a laugh indicating the madness) I planted two butternut squashes knowing that the bed will be put to good use over the summer. I did sow larkspur seeds here (and in about 5 other places but virtually no germination anywhere!)

Below: The two dahlia beds wit Sophie's special dahlias I love to talk to. They're growing nice and bushy when is better than tall and leggy so I just have to wait patiently. Also 3 peonys and two climbing red kuri squash which seem resistant to going upwards...

And to the rear two beds on the right its the rudbeckia and begamot swathe, which I ave high hopes for. And to the rear the zinnia and echinacea dazzle. These two beds have the potential to be the brightest boldest and downright what's that word for crazy colours beginning with h? 
So it's all go. I'm mostly proud of somehow keeping it predominantly weed free. I might not be in bloom just yet but at least the weeds are kept at bay.

Did I mention I'm in to flowers?
Take care,

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