Common, though scarce

Monday, August 10, 2020

Thank goodness the new Blogger format for posting has upped it's game. Oh, hello, I'm back again for the moment. Summer got the better of me and posting lapsed for a worrying length of time. I'm finding the semi-lockdown a struggle to juggle with. I'm trying to work from home as much as possible but it's not proving to be all that possible frankly, but who knows, it might level itself out. 
The allotment has been a haven of activity and productivity, leading to hours in the kitchen trying to put it all to good use. I'll have to do another allotment catch-up, it's been maybe 2 months?! 
Here's some pictures from the weekend. Above a brimstone butterfly. They just remind me of cabbage leaves.

A dragonfly a-posing.

Above, common centuary, though it's not common to see this at all, I only know of two locations where I've seen a teeny patch.
Below, greater knapweed. I don't see much of this either.

A hidden mallow and the picture doesn't help identify it, but it was a pale pink so I wondered if it were different.

I think the above is viper's bugloss but I'm unsure.
Below, green veined white? I've seen so many white butterflies, they are everywhere. I'm very concerned that I've not seen a single painted lady at all this year, not one. Have you?
Take care,

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