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Monday, November 17, 2014

vintage little black dressvintage little black dress

I have a wardrobe quite literally bursting with clothes and yet when challenged what to wear for a meal out pretty much all of them are out of bounds. It's frustrating to say the least; I wish that I could just go out wearing anything that should take my fancy but it's just not practical. I have a bigger appetite than you might assume for my size and on most occasions I bloat like mad. Walking into an eatery looking one way and waddling out looking heavily pregnant has been known... In fact Chris once insisted I did a pregnancy test as he just couldn't believe it. Awkward.

It's not always the case, sometimes I'm fine and other times I'm not; I haven't found a common denominator and if I'm honest I love food too much to spend weeks doing food diaries to eliminate something I love from my diet. I'll just put up with the bloat.

vintage little black dress

On this occasion for a family meal out – more to come on that at some point maybe- I wore this simple vintage dress which has plenty of room for expansion along with a stretchy belt for comfort. The dress itself is one I imagine to be old-ish with an unusual high neck and almost capped sleeves. You may be able to see that there are metallic stripes which make it so much more that just a plain black dress (and I really struggle with plain colours, goodness knows why). This autumn I'm embracing the colour-that's-not-a-colour-at-all; black so I opted for knitted black tights and my practical moderate heeled black buckled boots. Jewellery-wise, I wore an armful of bangles, a handful of rings and a charmed necklace because they are my go-to never fail to go with anything and always make an excellent level of jangling to alert others to my presence.

vintage little black dress

Do you have to dress in eating-out appropriate clothes too?


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