How everyone can get nice pictures of themself

Thursday, November 06, 2014

purple bodycon dress in a fieldpurple bodycon dress in a fieldpurple bodycon dress in a fieldpurple bodycon dress in a fieldpurple bodycon dress in a field

I've been blogging about my outfits for almost four years now. Things have changed a great deal over this time; I no longer take indoor shots as the light is all wrong and it's no fun at all for starters. The pictures I do get are taken whilst out and about at the weekends, usually at a pretty countryside location if at all possible although only because we're already there spending time together.

I used to read a lot of fashion bloggers' blogs and felt like they were a million miles away from me, with such natural beauty, gorgeous clothes and stunning photography. These days I read posts from my favourite bloggers; most of whom I classify as friends.

The point I am oh-so-slowly coming round to making is that I understand about how the right light, make up, clothes and photography skills can elevate a scenario into a 'moment' captured in time. When we're out Chris can take anything from a dozen to about 50 shots of me and while most are embarrassing and make me want to hide my face in my hands I am over the moon when I find one or two that hit the mark. The whole process has not exactly lifted my spirits, nor knocked anyone down in my estimations, more just levelled off the playing field; anyone can get some pictures of themselves they can be proud of.

Yesterday, I read a great post on Words That Can Only Be Your Own in which Janet talks about how taking outfit pictures has helped her. I can absolutely echo her sentiment; seeing photographs of yourself wearing your entire wardrobe give you a much better idea about how you actually look than standing in front of a mirror ever can. I'd go so far as saying that I've become de-sensitised about myself which has absolutely been one less thing to fret about. Not long ago I wrote about when I stopped caring what other people thought which has no doubt been brought about by looking at endless pictures of myself.

Blogging has been a kind of therapy for me – taking the edge off my anxiety and awkwardness about myself. My advice? Go take some pictures of yourself.


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