Maiden voyage

Monday, November 24, 2014

Asos monochrome shirt dressAsos monochrome shirt dressAsos monochrome shirt dressAsos monochrome shirt dress

It's not often I buy new-new clothes, except if I find something that I adore too much to ignore or perhaps if I have a voucher given to me then I have a peruse until I find something that tickles my fancy. It was the voucher-induced browsing that lead me to this beauty from Asos which I absolutely adore. Naturally, it was a while ago so it's now out of stock but this monochrome embroidery shirt dress was something that really caught my eye and called my name in no uncertain voice.

Remember I casually mentioned my adoration for all things black? Well black and white still counts as black in my head. I can't get enough of the white cuffs and embroidered shoulders with the collar, it's perfect with black tights and my buckled boots which conjures up pictures of a Victorian maid inspired outfit in my mind.

I'm rather taken with my new thing of wearing red lipstick, I've got a few different shades which I'll share at some point and it's a lip based revelation to me. That and eyeliner. Who knows, beauty blogging may be the way forward...? No, it's not.

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