Mercury rising

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chyvonne Le Monnier Mercury tank topChyvonne Le Monnier Mercury tank topChyvonne Le Monnier Mercury tank top

What's that I hear you say? A bit cold for wandering around in a vest top at this time of year? Maybe. I might have worn a thick cardigan over the top for the majority of the dog walk (yes, I went in heels) but I wanted to show you the whole top and how I'd wear it indoors too.

This top is the Mercury tank top from Chyvonne Le Monnier is 100% combed cotton and a great comfortable fit. My main qualm with tops is that they're too short and ride up but there is no danger of that being a problem with this one hurrah!

I'm excited about the new designs coming soon too – Chyvonne has some pretty darned cool ideas up her sleeve for her luxury alternative fashion brand. All the pieces are eco-friendly and ethical too with no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing, which is great to know.

I wore the vest top over another black vest (to keep me cosy) and with some skinny jeans, a long necklace and heeled hiker boots – all old. This would also look cool with a blazer, or a pair of leather skinnies, then with denim shorts in summer too.

Chyvonne Le Monnier Mercury tank top

You wouldn't believe what a cheeky little monster Lincoln was; he was obsessed with looking at some birds in the field behind (which is why his backside has been captured so beautifully in most of the pictures we ended up with) then when I tried to get his attention he jumped up and left a big muddy paw print on my clean-on jeans. No idea how I'll get these on after a wash, they're tight enough as they are! Just typical really.


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