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Friday, November 21, 2014

sixties floral tunic dresssixties floral tunic dresssixties floral tunic dress

I am who I am.

Lately, I've been thinking more about my time of sharing on here, almost four years of it now which seems like a long time in the scheme of things. So much has changed since day 1 of course; I have a much clearer idea of what interests me enough to share here, what I want from my photography and my personal style is ever changing.

For the first couple of years there were loads of you leaving comments; 10-20 was quite usual every day and I would drop by your blogs too and comment. It was fun and I read so much. Over the last couple of years commenting seems to have become rarer and rarer, even when I used to visit loads of new blogs I would never get any responses. The past year I've continued to read my favourite blogs and keep up with them the best I can, though I really ought to let people know my thoughts more often. I know that any comments I get here are pretty precious and it's lovely to hear that people have read my posts or enjoyed them.

I've also sponsored a few blogs in the past which was not all that successful. If you found me through one of my sponsorships then hello and thank you but there was little point in going through each rigmarole. Going forwards I've decided to just focus on doing what is of most interest; blogging itself. It seems to be a fulfilling affair to pick the best photographs and lay down my words. The best reward is that any of you drop by here because you want to, because you enjoy it. If that only means a couple of you actually visit then so be it but I'm only doing what makes me happy.

I'm just a girl in the countryside.


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  1. There are so many blogs out there, I too only visit those I enjoy - otherwise you'd be on here 24/7!

  2. I get very very few comments at all, such is the way of the blogger. It makes you very paranoid and self doubtful about your content, and whether you are worthy or not

  3. I get very few comments too and I can't visit too many new blogs due to work; I'm like you, blogging just for me!

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  4. If I read it (a post from someone) , I will try to comment (unless I really can't think of anything to say of course or my phone is being evil on my train- the number of comments I've lost between stations...), especially if people are loyal and comment on mine. I hate the fact I can't comment on Lizzie's blog (above commenter) - she is SUCH a loyal person and I love her posts but I really don't want a Google+ account (only way I can comment on hers) because I don't want my name going anywhere else or onto search-engines more, because of my job and the fact, I just hate the google+ set up.

    I do tend to avoid the 'follow me' comments- I'll say hi but that's all. I do think a dialogue is important though, as it can feel a bit one sided though.

    What do you mean by sponsoring blogs? Not sure I've heard of this!

    I do like your blog and will continue to support it. I like what you do, I like your settings, your outfits and your matter of fact way of life. Although, I'm still DYING to know your job you secretive thing!

  5. I've had a similar thought about comments recently but then wondered if it was just me and put it down to the fact I've been rather inconsistent with my blog and not very active within the community. Lately ive made a conscious effort to comment on other blogs more though and reply to comments. I did wonder if some of this was down to bloglovin as I read most blogs via the app on my phone which goes no way to encourage commenting as you have to go out of it to be able to do it.
    I also find it hard to know what to say when someone has written a really good post which I've enjoyed but I don't really have anything to say I just want to let them know I liked it. Maybe there should be a 'like' button similar to Facebook maybe?

    Jen x
    Bows Bangles & Bakes

  6. I know what you mean. I've seen the number of comments decline although hits have gone up. I try to comment on blogs I read but can't keep up!
    I have a core group that I always try to keep up with (yours included) as I think there are just too many otherwise.
    As long as you enjoy what you're doing people will keep coming back.

  7. I think there are so many blogs out there these days, it must be impossible to keep up with them. I struggle; every time I go onto Bloglovin' there must be 200 new posts to read! I have regular attempts to catch up and commnet on the posts I've read, but sometimes it's hard -particularly without access to the internet at home. I still read your blog as I always did.

  8. I totally agree about commenting declining, its not what it used to be. I always will go to someone's blog and comment if they have commented on mine, I just think its the courteous thing to do.

  9. Firstly I love that dress its so pretty and the colours go so well together. Secondly I totally agree about comments declining as have noticed that too. When I do go on blogger now I only read ones tha I am truly interested in. I have left comments asking questions on blogs and the person never bothers to even reply which I think its really rude! x


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