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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Staffie Christmas wishlist

Christmas wishlists are everywhere at the moment and while I'm not so fussed about myself, Lincoln has been pondering what he's asking Santa for this year.

Last year we got Linky a doggy chocolate advent calendar so that we all had something to open each morning, it was really sweet actually and I hope we can get him another for this December.

What would Lincoln like to find in his stocking on Christmas morning?

He says he wants TREATS! There are plenty of tasty morsels that he takes a fancy to but it's specific dog treats that suit him best as they're safe to eat and especially tasty. While the chocolate bar for dogs is making him happy, the Wagg Tasty Bones have really got his attention. I'll be honest, I don't really understand why people would want to feed their dog faux-chocolate (real chocolate is poisonous for dogs, they should not ever eat it) when surely something meaty flavoured would be more desired? Who knows.

Staffie Christmas wishlist

Staffie Christmas wishlist

Something that I always overlook about Lincoln is that he's never understood how to play with toys. We got him from a rescue centre aged 3, 18 months ago and he' always been the same; never knowing how to play games. While he'd clearly been taught obedience basics, the concept of fetch and playing with toys is lost on him. This squeaky sweet shop sweetie bottle certainly made him stop and stare, bark at and sniff but he's not actually picked it up let alone chewed (which is just as well or I suspect he's get carried away pretty quick). This lobber space hopper toy equally got his attention but he hasn't picked it up yet

Staffie Christmas wishlistStaffie Christmas wishlistStaffie Christmas wishlist


The main thing Linky wants is a new bed and while this quilted mattress is soft and comfy, it is a little bit small for his main bed, he likes to cosy up with it on his own armchair (it keeps him off the sofa sometimes).

Staffie Christmas wishlist

Of course what a pet will value most at Christmastime, especially in the cold weather, is a roof over their head, a place in a warm and loving home. There are no more deserving candidates for getting their wish come true than dogs in rescue centres. If you're considering a pet as a present – please be responsible and wait until after Christmas and make a well researched choice, not just bringing home a cute puppy.

Thanks to Feedem Pet Supplies and Pet Supermarket for sending Lincoln some early Christmas presents, he was genuinely really excited about his goodies! I've had a good browse on the site and the prices are REALLY good, his usual food is cheaper than we've found it anywhere else – he eats Skinner's Field and Trial Maintenance and there is free delivery if you spend over £39 or £4.99 delivery if under which still works out well if you're buying a few bits as the prices are so keen. I'm really impressed.

What is your pet asking Santa for this year? And have you tried Feedem? (I would).


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