After the rain

Friday, November 28, 2014

plants after the rain

I wanted to find some beautiful lyrics to write alongside these photographs that capture how I feel but nothing quite fits so I'll use my own words instead.

plants after the rainplants after the rain

After the rain has finally finished falling and every available surface has been drenched, time just stands still a while.

Leaves look almost frosted and glazed with shining, sparkling beads of water and droplets hang from the very ends of each tip in suspended silence, like they are just waiting patiently for the nod to fall.

After the dull dousing of rain the plants fight back and stage a protest, just allowing all the natural light to reflect off the moist leaves, like they're inviting the cobwebs to hold each tiny droplet.

plants after the rainplants after the rain

Even a couple of bees came out to do a spot of work, finding the last remaining flowers in the garden in mid November which was surprising to see.

plants after the rainplants after the rainplants after the rainplants after the rainplants after the rainplants after the rainplants after the rainplants after the rain

It's heartening that after such miserable weather that just by taking a few seconds to look closely you (or certainly I) can appreciate the stunning beauty of nature, everything looks so perfect and radiant in the aftermath.


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  1. wow this photography is simply stunning and the words you have put to it fit perfectly. I'm in awe of your skills!
    Kate xx

  2. Really wonderfully beautiful photos. You've captured the day perfectly! x

  3. Your photos are amazing Sophie - I love the cobweb covered in beads of water.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  4. Beautiful beautiful photos!!


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