A call from afar

Thursday, January 08, 2015

how to wear a tartan scarfhow to wear a tartan scarfhow to wear a tartan scarfhow to wear a tartan scarf

On one of the milder days recently I decided to dig out a few old favourites that I'd missed; namely my burgundy jumper and the numerals blouse from Alex to wear with some jeans – I've not worn jeans all that much recently. I have to say that I not-so-secretly feel like the blouse/jumper/baker boy hat combination reminds me so much of one of the looks in The Devil Wears Prada, such a great film.

Success! I managed to find another tartan scarf! This one surreptitiously matches my jumper which makes me very happy and it's a good length too. On the same day I did find a second scarf too but I'll share that another time.

This is the first proper outing for this necklace which is one Grandma owed and while it's probably not worth a bean I adore the shape and design, it's unusual and fascinating. Something rather strange happened last week that I can't quite quantify and this is the opportune moment to tell you. I had a call on my mobile from a number I didn't recognise but knew the area code for. The lady on the phone asked for a name I didn't know but quoted back my number to me which could be any kind of mix up but the curious thing is that the lady sounded just likemy late Grandma who was from that area code, so not freakishly spooky but rather odd nevertheless. For a moment afterwards I felt a little emotional, as she sounded so lovely and familiar.


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