No song and dance

Saturday, January 03, 2015

winter ice and frost Norfolkwinter ice and frost Norfolkwinter ice and frost Norfolkwinter ice and frost Norfolkwinter ice and frost Norfolk

I'd like to start the year by having a little whoop in celebration of my blog's fourth birthday, hurrah. It's hard to see where the time has gone, but it's been time well spent; getting acquainted with my camera, getting out exploring the countryside and letting the words spill out in the evenings as I muse in my pyjamas.

I haven't felt like figuring out any firm resolutions yet this year and I certainly don't feel overwhelmed by positivity for new chances and starting afresh. Being a girl of summer means that the cold weather at the moment just leaves me feeling blue with precious little enthusiasm for setting goals or jumping for joy about the dawn of a new year. Some days I feel just dandy and others quite frankly I'd rather not surface from bed at all so I'm just taking each morning as it comes and staying busy.

After last year's decision not to set any hard and fast resolutions I anticipate following the same path of being kinder to myself, working on fitness and generally finding more happiness from simple things.

So there's no song and dance to be performed over the new year, it's just business as usual for me; the systematic capturing of what I see around me goes on.


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  1. I agree. As a fellow summer girl, I feel similarly. I would like to get to bed a but earlier though so I can get to school earlier rather than scraping in at 8.50. X

  2. Happy 4th anniversary. I feel so down in January and February - the hardest months in my opinion.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. I never feel particulary enthusiastic this time of year. I'm going to focus on eating better and trying to get out on my bike more x

  4. My resolutions are quite general this year and about doing nice things :)
    Winter is utterly pants for a summer soul, spring isn't far away x

  5. I'm allowing myself that freedom to find solace in the simplest of things and find that happiness along the way this year. You know your blog is wonderful in every way, and I'm so glad you started blogging 4 years ago, because if not I would have never found you x x x

  6. Happy blog anniversary! Your 'no resolutions' plan is a great idea!

  7. Happy Blogiversary!! These photos are stunning - you've managed to take something 'regular' (the frost I mean...) and make it look so so beautiful!

    Steph xx
    Lay It Bare


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