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Monday, January 26, 2015

Tapestry skirt blouse and jumper in the countryside

It's been a pretty good weekend. So action packed that in fact I'm not ready to share much with you as yet (by action packed, I mean I've been wandering around the countryside again and got carried away with time).

Tapestry skirt blouse and jumper in the countrysideTapestry skirt blouse and jumper in the countryside

Naturally, as the weekends race by at an alarming pace I totally lost all track of time, bar downloading plenty of photographs and editing these few I've not got much ready to share with you.

I rewore this blouse and jumper combination as I loved it so much a month or so ago (without blogging it) even though the blouse is in need of some alteration – just wait, I have great plans to get busy with my sewing machine. This almost tapestry skirt is so unusual but again, perfect for this time of year; keeping warm without dragging in the mud.

curly hair black and white

My hair is getting really long now, I haven't had it cut since August or something... I might have missed an appointment and now can't bear to crawl back in and apologise awkwardly. Plus my hair is LONG for the first time in almost two decades so I'm currently relishing having a long unruly mane.

At no point in time did Chris mention that my skirt completely blends into the background, or that in most pictures you can't see my eyes because I'm squinting but it's all par for the course. I got a couple of pictures I don't mind, pearls and all so it was worthwhile.


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