Stop and stare

Monday, January 19, 2015


Stop and stare, I think I'm moving but I go nowhere

I've yet to meet a grown adult who thinks life goes too slow. Days race past in a blur, weeks rattling round (why is it always Monday?) with opportunities missed and it's so easy to get swept up in trivialities. My penchant for the countryside is perfect for drawing out free time; whilst out with my camera I make a point of slowing down, taking the chance to take in all the little details, breathe in the fresh air and think about precious little for a while.

The changing of the seasons means that even the most familiar of places can offer new sights if you look closely. Nature never fails to inspire me; the magic of plants growing from tiny seeds is still something that amazes me despite understanding the science behind it. The cycle of the seasons provides an evolving landscape and even though you can't always see anything happening you know that millions of microscopic reactions are happening every nanosecond.

In a world where things are so easily taken for granted and overlooked it's fulfilling to remind myself of the wonderful things that happen all the time under our noses.


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