How to wear a granny skirt

Friday, January 16, 2015

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There are always a few items in my wardrobe that although look awesome on their own, seem to be a problem to wear alongside anything in harmony. I'd been feeling that way about this skirt and jumper; both bought on the recent trip to Bury St Edmunds with my charity shopping partner in crime Hazel. As with many a cherished item, the jumper was carefully folded and put on my wardrobe shelf an over the weeks ended up shoved right to the back, safely out of my short arms' reach and there it remained until the weekend. After delving into the floordrobe for a good while I was puzzled about where the possibly only unworn jumper was to be found so had to undertake the jump-and-grab technique to find out was at the back of the shelf. It was annoying to find the sleeves were that weirdy ¾ length which to my mind serves no purpose barring giving me frozen wrists as well as hands. Admittedly upon reviewing the pictures I have to concur with the designer that it does look better with cropped sleeves even if the practicality is not so high.

But back to my riveting story. Owning a good number of skirts which are likely to be duplicates of my Nan's collection means that I'm no stranger to wearing granny skirts but this one for some reason was proving to resist suiting everything else. With the cold weather at the moment a midi skirt with cosy tights is a perfect combination for maximum warmth without the risk of dragging the hem through the mud. I have to declare my love for the colour combination; the turquoise skirt is a beautiful shade and seems to sit perfectly alongside the jumper (I want to say dip dyed jumper but it's more of a transition from yellow to baby blue).

Biker boots are ideal for firm terrain, I'd be wearing them all the time in winter were it not for the mud. I'm not willing to get them mucky! Necklaces are Grandma's, assorted miscellaneous bracelets and rings.

How would you style my skirt? I'm thinking heels and a jacket, maybe a printed tee? I'm thinking a lot of things now that I'm off the starting block but I want to know your thoughts.


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