Bawdeswell Heath

Friday, April 10, 2015


Bawdeswell Heath is one of those places we've driven past a number of times and we always say “oh we must stop there sometime”. That sometime came one chilly afternoon in March when we had a couple of hours to spend out and for one reason or another we remembered at the right time.

There were loads of gnarled old trees which apparently people are encouraged to play in. The temptation to start climbing trees was strong although not with a camera so maybe I'll try another time.


Bawdeswell Heath is probably the best kind of place to go if you have very small kids who you want to take a walk with but actually not go very far or if you have older kids who want to play in the trees. The area of the heath is not vast so we would only go again on the way out/back from somewhere else. It was a little stark a few weeks ago but I daresay now spring has fully kicked off it would look a little brighter.


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