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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Las Iguanas Norwich MexicanLas Iguanas Norwich Mexican

Eating out; what a joy! It's always fun to have a meal out somewhere, especially trying out a new place. When Las Iguanas got in touch to ask if we'd like to sample their new spring menu I was pretty thrilled. Can you believe it's the first time I'd been to the Waterfront Retail Park area of Norwich (I'm such a country girl!!!) but it was surprisingly easy to get to and there was plenty of parking and only a short walk round the corner to the restaurant. For a Latin American restaurant it was everything I anticipated and a bit more. The music put me in the mind I was at times part of a Brazilian carnival, in a slinky salsa club and occasionally having a pop at karaoke... any chair dancing was met by disapproval from Chris which I suppose was for the best. Although I did love the soundtrack it was possibly a little loud for my elderly preference and dicky hearing but not distractingly so. The staff were very friendly, chatty and relaxed which made for a comfortably casual evening.

Las Iguanas Norwich Mexican

We'd had a peruse of the menu online (it's always great to know roughly what you might order) so I knew there was plenty that sounded appealing. The first dilemma was deciding on beverages; Chris had selflessly offered to drive so I would be free to drink if I wanted so in the spirit of being adventurous I asked for a vanilla and ginger mojito (having never knowingly drunk a cocktail before this was somewhat out of character) and it was so good. Chris had some soft ginger based punch drink as we recall which he loved very much too. Old habits die hard (and sensible ones too it seems) so we ensured that a large jug of tap water was on the table too... I like to stay hydrated these days.

Las Iguanas Norwich MexicanLas Iguanas Norwich Mexican

For starters, after the inevitable dither, Chris chose Gambas (butterflied prawns) and I chose Pato Taquito (shredded duck fajita with spicy cranberry salsa). What a treat! While I shied away from the seafood C was tucking into, my own dish was a delight. Duck anything is hard to resist and the spicy relish was really rather scrummy.

Las Iguanas Norwich MexicanJpegLas Iguanas Norwich MexicanLas Iguanas Norwich Mexican

Being new to Latin American food (I can't say that I've ate much of it before, somehow) I couldn't resist sampling a burrito for the very first time (shredded beef) and I was not disappointed! It was huge and scrumptious and moreish and I'm already dreaming of my next. Of all the dishes on the menu Chris went for a burger... talk about playing it safe! It was apparently delicious and one of the best he's ever had so that's an accolade. And then there's the sides.... we had Potatas Bravas (the most delicious thing ever, with the aioli dip) and Totopos

Las Iguanas Norwich Mexican

This is where we should have stopped, but no. This is where we looked at the dessert menu and buckled.

A Berry Mexican Mess proved to be irresistible, it was one of the most amazing desserts I've ever eaten...and I can never resist meringue. It was melon sorbet for him.

We waddled out feeling very full indeed!

Las Iguanas Norwich MexicanLas Iguanas Norwich Mexican

Thank you heartily to Las Iguanas for treating us to such a mighty fine meal!

All content and opinions my own.


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