Miniskirt and a tee

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Percycute tee girl in an oil seed rape fieldPercycute tee girl in an oil seed rape fieldPercycute tee girl in an oil seed rape fieldPercycute tee girl in an oil seed rape field

The oil seed rape is starting to flower, which turned this rather plain green field into a stunning backdrop for a couple of pictures as we drove past.

My usual habit of dressing includes looking at my overflowing wardrobe in despair, before trying on about 5 things which don't work and cobbling something together on the quick. However, this was something that had been brewing on my mind for a few days since spying this warm blue skirt and feeling that it's got to be hidden away over summer as the material is too heavy for higher temperatures. I wanted to wear it with my Percycute tee*, knee boots and at the last minute decided on this granddad cardigan. Why not? I look far taller than I ought to *hurrah*, that's what 6 inch heels can do for you.

Have a great day,


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  1. You can't beat the sight of a full field of OSR. Love the skirt, I was wondering today how long it would be before your floral crowns made a reappearance...?

  2. The smell of oilseed rape is very cloying and actually makes breathing a little difficult if you are running by a field of it, I often find

  3. You do look tall in these photos!!! Lovely blue mini skirt, can't see the tee detail on my phone sadly! I remember your Amazing Sammi dress photos in one of these fields last year!

    Oooh and so excited we are going to all meet up!!! X

  4. That picture is so pretty with the flowers just budding in the background.

    Lizzie Dripping

  5. Wow, these photos! I love your tee, too. x


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