That changeover

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

It's that good old inbetween weather again, the kind that dupes you into a false sense of security when you take a look out of the window in the morning. The beautiful blue skies and glorious sunshine lead you to believe it's warm outside when it's not; the icy winds make it feel Baltic and a thick scarf is a strict essential.
I was tempted to do that treasured bi-annual wardrobe swap over the weekend and was on the verge of diving in for that couple of hours of trying to decide what definitely wont be worn again until Autumn rolls around again. It's true to say I'm almost dancing that little need-a-wee style jig about the thought of bringing back my summer attire including my new additions which haven't yet been worn (of which there are not all that many).
However, I'm going to leave the process for another day, I'm not quite ready yet.

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