A weekend at Latitude Festival

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hello, hello! We've just arrived home from a weekend spent in Suffolk at Latitude Festival, our third year in a row. I won't go into much detail as firstly, I love just relaxing at the festival so I only took a couple of pictures with no intention of compiling any material from our chill out and secondly because I wrote three posts about it in 2015, one, two and three if you want to take a read.
This year's weather was a mixed bag; mostly cloudy, not particularly hot and a few little rain showers. My attempts to pack light always go wrong to a certain extent and on this occasion I would have liked more than the one pair of jeans and jumper I packed because after mid afternoon things turned chilly and I had to layer up. Let's face it, things could have been worse!
There were so many people this year, was it a higher attendance? Who knows but it felt more condensed and personally it wasn't as enjoyable. Cider in the sunshine was a lovely treat (as was getting ID checked every day - thanks for that esteem boost),
No pictures of wild flowers but we did spot this (presumably dead) Garden Tiger Moth which was a highlight.

 I was reluctant to head into the tent for anything raucous after last year's mad squash, instead oping to sit outside often. Favourite acts from the weekend were Goldfrapp, the 1975, Pumerosa, SOHN, Katherine Jenkins, Skott, All We Are and a little bit of Fatboy Slim.
Sadly, I've returned home with some kind of cold and am feeling a little sorry for myself at the moment but I'm stocking up on remedies and hope to stop whinging in the near future.
Take care,

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