I made my wish a rose

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I made my wish a rose...
Oh Blossoms, such beautiful lyrics.
This dress has little dandelion clock wishes printed all over it, I wonder how many wishes that entitles me to? This is one of the dresses I picked up in spring which was along similar lines to others I own but the fit is quite different. the strange capping to the sleeves is prettier to look at than it is to wear but a little shrug would hide those away. Not usually one for an elasticated waistband, I don't mind this one as it sits in just the right place and creates a hint of shape while keeping the dress in place.

 A slightly looser, swishier skirt than usual, along with very practical above the knee length. Choice #1 for today barely covered my backside to my disappointment, so definitely not suitable for a walk on which I intend to be taking photographs as it often entails bobbing down to get the right angle.

I made my wish a rose.

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