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Monday, July 03, 2017

2017 seems to own the summer of dining outside and just spending more time outdoors. Back in 2014 we had a summer of going to loads of new places so that we could explore and enjoy new territory. Some summers pass without a specific theme but for definite this one has been revolutionised by the addition of a bench to our garden.
We came across the opportunity to own it quite by chance and the first thought was to keep it at the allotment as five years in we still have no seating on our plot, but there is good reason for this. Anyway, our bench (after we went to a good effort to clean it up) is far too nice to risk being pilfered from the allotment so instead I suggested we put in in the garden. Rarely a dry day goes by without us sitting on the sturdy wooden seat and enjoying a moment. As one thing leads to another it became handy to have the barbecue and then chimnea nearby. Our barbecue had seen better years but C gave it a little facelift and now it's almost good as new. The chimnea was given to us about 9 years ago and only once in that time did we use it. However, now it's perfect on a dry evening to sit by it as the sun disappears for the day and enjoy the warmth of the burning logs instead of being inside, looking out the window.
Many hours are spent at the allotment working and harvesting and generally just pottering as well as walks in evenings and mornings with Lincoln.
So this summer really is the one of living life outdoors.

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