My summer of flowers at the cutting garden

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My ambition for this summer was to fill the house with flowers and consequently cheer and joy. In the spirit of self appreciation I'm going to say that I've achieved just that.
There have certainly been plenty of flowers growing both at the allotment and at home in the garden, some of which I decided not to cut at all and instead admire them growing in situ, the lilies for example.
The cosmos 'daydream' have been lovely, a delicate shell-like flower with a scent of light honey, though the description is unscented - I disagree. I'd like to grow more of these in different colours next year.
The cornflowers are fabulous for adding blues into the palette, with pinks and the occasional purple too. I'll stake these much earlier next year to avoid them flopping over and looking messy.

The scabious have so far turned out to be white and purple though the packet says pinks and crimsons too so I'm hoping at least one other colour will present itself
I ordered two special dahlias and they have not disappointed! Mel's orange marmalade above and ripples below. They are enormous flowers and utterly beautiful, such a treat.

Larkspur have been gorgeous and last well in a vase, I'll keep them better supported next year too.
Rudbeckia marmalade have been so cheery and bright they last well cut as well so I am also planning to grow the red 'cherry brandy' variety next year too.Exciting!

The sunflowers have only just started blooming, as have the gladioli and dahlias. Zinnias too.

The sweet peas were brilliant earlier in the season but I didn't cut enough and they're almost at a standstill now. They only drawback o mine are they don't have a scent, otherwise they are a delight.

The didiscus 'blue lace flower' were completely new to me and they are so beautiful. They cut and last well, with lots of flowers on each plant. With more zinnias planted than last year I've seen a great mix of colours; reds, purples, pinks, a coral, oranges, yellows and even an off-white. They are a fascinating flower.

The love-in-a-mist nigella flowers were a little disappointing as germination rate was low and they are so small and delicate they tend to vanish in the beds. The Icelandic poppies were a non-starter too, with none of my special ones growing any more, and the second attempt only one is almost about to flower. I think I've missed a few flowers out but that's all for now.
With regard vases, only the gladioli and a few sunflowers merit a good size vase. Most of my cut flowers need a small vase, jug or bottle.

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