Summer pinks

Monday, July 31, 2017

Irrationally, I wondered if anyone would ask my favourite colour that day. Because it's blue, in case you were wondering. Being dressed head to toe, well knee if we're being particular, in pink is a rare sight for me. There was a time I vowed never to wear pink, in fact I hated it! Racking my brains it was about age 9 I think when lots of girls wore pink and it was something that made me cross. Not in a feminist kind of way, just that the colour annoyed me, most likely to it's over prolific usage. At that time, I think my colours of choice were purple and yellow but plenty of black.

These days I'm far more open with colour choices, in fact my wardrobe has a rainbow of shades within. I'm not keen on nudes though, beige and brown tend to get avoided. And navy.

 POCKETS. On of the many reasons that this dress is a firm, longstanding favourite.
Oh yes, I'm wearing my specs in pictures for a change! While I always wear them for driving, they don't often make it out of the car except when I forget. I've been so happy with them and feel like they suit both the shape of my face and personality. Not bad for £25. *Pats self on the back*

Have a wonderful week everyone. It's summer and don't let anyone (or any forecast) rain on your parade.
Take care,

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