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Thursday, October 25, 2018

I have a few wonderful books in my collection with old sayings and countryside lore. They make for interesting reading as well as thought trains for post titles. There was a cute little poem about what sneezing on each day meant. There was also a rhyme about what day you did your washing on said about you, though if you moot Sunday then it cast rude aspersions. 

A year is such a short space of time when you break it down; the small window in spring for sowing seeds, the way we cram so much activity into each week. Missing the best of the autumn leaf turning through bad weather or lethargy. Leaving Christmas arrangements 'til the last minute. When you need to get specifics done at particular times of the year it becomes a race to each finish line before the boat sails. I missed out on sowing honesty seeds in summer which means no blooms next year and no seed pods for decoration which makes me sad! Unfortunately all I can do is try again next year.

 I saw these seeds popping out of their pods. The variety of seed styles is fascinating These look like tablets, or sweets in a pack like wine gums.

 Perfect little bittersweet berries. Very toxic.

 The green to yellowing of the leaves is a pretty transition in the sunshine

I have seen a few butterflies in the last couple of weeks. Nothing left for them on buddleias now but there are a few flowers in bloom.
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