A-foraging we did go

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A few weeks ago we foraged a good supply of sloes with which we made sloe gin. The best thing to do is to leave it a year to improve with age so it's just as well we had the foresight to forget about the batch in the cupboard, until now. It's been the best year yet for foraging and making home-made treats. The rose petal jam was a highlight. Beetroot chutney was a first and I had good intentions to make a monster batch of courgette chutney and a pickle but nature had other plans. No surplus of courgettes. That's just the way it goes. Did I mention we found a damson tree? Two little visits were made to it for damson gin and jam. We are extremely happy to have found such a bountiful resource.
Soups have featured strongly this year and I remain adamant that it's the best and tastiest way to use up the excess of allotment produce and anything which has reached the limp stage in the fridge. It's amazing who you can offload soup onto.
 Here's some images from the other week.

And just like that we found a whole family of mini butterflies. They are small copper butterflies. I'd like to see more butterflies next year.

 A red admiral.

Oh! Interesting.
Take care,

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