The mists of time

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Saturday dawned (eventually) in a misty, fog of low light. The sun valiantly burst forth after several hours of only achieving a diluted glow. If you can manage to get outdoors to explore in the beautiful dawns of October it really is worthwhile. I snapped away at a familiar landscape which was transformed by the magical mist and sunbeams.

I'd like to think that if nothing else, my blog is a starting point for an introduction to the countryside in East Anglia. If you live abroad or in a basement or just can't get outdoors yourself for any reason then I'd say there's a fair representation of the great outdoors here. I sometimes flick back through old posts and have no recollection of the photographs and find them quite interesting to look at. Things that happened a while ago. Plus I realise that there are endless shots of dead weeds, dead or alive (but aren't they so beautiful?).

 C saw a fox but I didn't manage to catch a glimpse myself sadly.

Always a pleasure to capture something different.
Take care,

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