This autumn in plans and wishes

Thursday, October 04, 2018

A new season but for me it's the beginning of the end. There are autumn-loving bloggers as far as the eye can see but I'm wailing in despair that my beloved summer has died. It takes a little wallow, reflection and picking myself back up but there are always jobs to be done and joys to be found. I've put together some ideas for the next quarter.

Already done

  • Make elderberry syrup
  • Make rosehip syrup


  • Capture all the sights to share
  • Make allotment produce soups for midweek lunches
  • Sort out the wardrobe for the colder weather and get rid of the things I won't wear
  • Read books if there's nothing on TV I'm dying to watch
  • Dismantle spent summer plants at the allotment 
  • Plan and execute thoughtful Christmas gifts

 To do

  • Carve a pumpkin for halloween
  • Forage sweet chestnuts
  • Harvest allotment apples and remaining pears
  • Create new allotment flower plot
  • Plant up pots for winter colour and spring bulbs
  • Tidy and clean out greenhouse
  • I'd like to read my 'Autumn' book that I've not picked up yet
  • Plan the allotment layouts for 2019 
  • Cut the wildflower patch and re-spray the new extension
  • I haven't penned a letter for at least a year and I would like to get back to writing

Have I missed anything important?
Take care,

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