Roll with the punches

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

There's two months and two days until Christmas. I'm slightly alarmed at how this can be true.
In my mind the end of September would render time outdoor limited and the pouring rain and blustery wind would beat against the window pane as I merrily worked on Christmas makes. It hasn't been so and during the hours of work at the allotment last weekend* I was down to my vest top and wishing I'd worn shorts. Quite the hot sun, can we call it an Indian Summer yet? Sunday afternoon's stroll started in blue skies and blazing sunshine but the clouds rolled in and by the time we left it was much cooler. I wore this skirt which in mid summer I perceived to be flattering but in these pictures (and these were the best of a bad bunch) I feel like the whole outfit makes me look dumpy. Can't figure out why! Anyway, that's life.
*more to come on that soon
Usually I shy away from nudes and neutrals but this oatmeal cropped jumper is a reliable one for popping over a dress and layering up. 
Boots are for life, not just for winter.

The pattern on the skirt is small but identifiable on the dark background. My suspicions about this elastic belt are strongly implying it's going to give up after another few washes. I may need to make some kind of improvised support.
Having a rough patch with my skin; constantly finding a new enormous spot to take over my face.
Hair is also not playing ball lately. I popped it back and wore big earrings to make myself feel better.
Just got to roll with the punches.

Take care,

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