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Friday, October 26, 2018

With another week under our belts and the prospect of November round the corner the weather has seen fit to act with a little more seasonal decorum. Chilly drizzle and frosty mornings are heading our way. The dahlias in my garden have somehow dodged the previous frosts and I'm not wondering if they'll see their finale today before turning to mush by dawn. The zinnias at the allotment have been wiped out weeks ago, but they are very sensitive Mexican plants. The dahlia tubers will need to be lifted and stored for winter, which slightly worries me as there is always a risk they could go gammy and not grow again. Plus I have quite a few now. And with strong intentions of ordering more for next spring!
The artichoke flowers are huge and bold. I'm growing fond of these mighty plants.
Some of the residual annuals are still trying their best to put on a display, which is lovely to see. Thanks guys.
This tree has been utterly gorgeous to watch transform. Liquidamber is my best diagnosis. It is absolutely stunning.
Although this Bishop style dahlia grows in a sheepishly ramshackle way by the house I've let it come back each year on account of it's unabashed joyful red and yellow flowers which adds jolly colour for months on end. On a side note, as it's right by the house I don't lift the tuber as it isn't at much risk of freezing. However, several little offspring grew this summer and to my surprise one was flowering with yellow flowers. In my mind it would only produce more of itself but clearly this is not the case! Who knew? I didn't.
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