To and fro

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Black tights time again. The warm sunshine getting shut out by cloudy fronts mean the temperatures during the day are penduluming from toasty to cool, to and fro. I had banked on needing my padded denim jacket on top of this but as it turned out I was warm enough without.  This cute vintage style dress is such a bold mini geometric print, I'd say sixties but am notoriously inaccurate. Unfortunately without a belt it looks quite unflattering and even with a belt needs to be monitored. Much as I love the sweet collar it will insist on trying to kick up . This time I popped a turtleneck top underneath as I didn't want to feel the cold.
Cropped orange jumper finally gets a wear. The only thing which irks me bout it are the dropped sleeve seams.
 It's not often I have my outfit pictures taken while wearing my glasses! They match in perfectly.
I had been wearing my dangly earrings but in typical clumsy Sophie style I'd somehow bent over and my handbag strap yanked out and earring, though miraculously it ditched it's backing and came out rather than slicing through my earlobe. I'm probably not going to wear them again for fear.
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