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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A few snaps into our three minutes, 73 outfit picture endeavour C looked up from the viewfinder to ask me, uncharacteristically, what I hoped to show in these shots. Taken by surprise I blurted out that I wanted to look happy, smiley, like my tired face wasn't trying to implode or let the sun cause me to squint myself into one nose-centred ruffle. That I wanted to look like I was having fun and not trying to hold my bloat in. That my good hair day was evident.
Oh, he replied. I meant did you need to focus on your shoes?
Slightly crossed wires, though perceptive of C to think just because my shoes are new that they might be the pinnacle of today's outfit. I bought them as I've near enough trashed my others by wearing them for unbelievable hours on my corrosive feet and *ahem* haven't taken perhaps the care of them that they deserved.
So new boots it was. Super comfy.
I selected this spot as the massive rhododendron bush full of beautiful blooms behind provided a wonderful seasonal backdrop. What I also should have said to C is 'take a lot more steps back to actually fit some bush in the shots' as the purple flowers have scarcely made an appearance at all. Guys, I really try with the backdrops!

I have been wearing this thick casual shirt plenty this year, despite it not making much of an appearance here. Remember, I do wear clothes every day(!).
C did ask a couple of days ago I still post on the blog as he'd noticed a marked reduction in the frequency of photographs taken. I shrugged sadly and admitted not as often because I don't want to overwork myself just for the sake of it. Yes, I'd love to get back to five posts a week like clockwork if there's five worthy stories of content (and usually that wouldn't be a struggle) but you have to prioritise and sometimes you have to let things go or risk burnout.
There have been a number of times that I've considered calling it a day with blogging altogether but each time I feel glad to return after whatever hiatus. There's so much to say, share and store for the future. 1288 published posts currently still live on the blog - that's a lot of history!

Take care,

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  1. 'Learn to rest, not quit' as the saying goes. I'm always glad you decide to return when you ponder the future of your blog. I sometimes don't blog for weeks, if I have nothing to say or nothing I want to share, I simply take a step back. Regular readers always return, when I'm ready to start my ramblings again.
    The first para made me chuckle :)

  2. I hope google elect to preserve mine. I doubt it!

  3. Your first paragraph did make me laugh! You were all philosophical and Chris was just about the shoes!! Haha! I'm so glad you do still keep blogging- I shall cry if you give up! I don't post as much as I did but I still love doing it and couldn't imagine life without blogging- esp since it's been over a third of my life that I've been doing it (I feel ancient now!). I really like this outfit- love checked shirts and DECENT length shorts!
    *Tentatively asks* Why do you say your feet are corrosive!???!x


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