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Monday, July 22, 2019

Without wishing to sound too ungrateful it has to be said that summer has been a little patchy to say the least. Some days of cold winds, drizzle, racing clouds. Even the hot days haven't had much of a run. I took my denim jacket out last weekend which proved invaluable in the shade as it felt downright chilly.
I let my hair get tousled by the wind and just carried on. Rain stops play, a little cold breeze is just too bad.

There's something enchanting about these ancient pathways through the countryside. I imagine people walking down them hundreds of years ago, sometimes with a pony and cart.
These days we keep our eyes peeled and ears pricked for any good foraging locations. Blackberries, roses/rosehips, elderflower/berries, nuts, anything edible. Foraging is good fun and I hope to write a bit more about our exploits soon.
Patches of meadowy flowers

The fields have just started o be harvested out our way which is sad as they look beautiful at that peak golden time.
We came across some cherry trees, edible no less! C was very pleased.

A blue feather from a jay. You'll know if you've heard one, they have a horribly shrill scream. Hardly suits the gorgeous blue feather.
Grasses on field boundaries.
The crops look completely empty of any unwanted flowers.

Hazelnuts. Squirrels will be after these when they're almost ripe so none of them last long.

Elderflowers are a treat but if you miss the boat then elderberries are delicious in things too.
Rowan or mountain ash.We must get round to using some this year. These ones are ripening already.

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