The Order Lepidoptera

Thursday, July 04, 2019

In the summer when the sun shines all day you can be sure to see the butterflies out in force, on the flowers, sunbathing on leaves and fluttering through the skies. At least that's how it used to be. Worryingly, I often expect to see an abundance yet there are few to be found. On this particular occasion I was happy to see a good few and snapped away. Painted ladies everywhere.

 A red admiral. A couple of years ago I'm sure I saw a white admiral but can't be sure as it was in flight and disappeared double quick.
Numerous meadow browns.

 A tortoiseshell. The blue dots to it's frilly perimeter make it such a standout butterfly.
 I think the rest are all small skippers.
 The black line on the wing indicates it's a male. The females won't have them.

Mum recalls owning a butterfly net as a child and spent time catching butterflies in it to look at and release. Simpler times. I'm lucky enough to have a digital camera so can admire the butterflies long after they have flown off.

Take care,

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