Winged beauties

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Butterflies are tricky to capture, usually because they're on the move so much or the frustrating ones that do stick around on flowers but have their wings shut which for an all-but beginner like myself renders it virtually impossible to make an identification. Any I'm not really interested in shut wings, they make a drab brown picture.
Above a comma. These are helpfully easy to name as their wings are a distinctive shape.
Above, a small skipper.
Below, a small tortoiseshell.

The next three are all small whites I think.

Gatekeeper, the first I have seen this year.
And a rather special moment for this pair which C pointed out to me. I didn't expect them to take flight during their mating yet the one the right way up flew them both upwards. I posed the question did that fancy refreshments in the form of nectar? Who knows.

And lastly here's not one but two damselflies. When taking the shot I was only aware of the bold blue critter (which is out of focus, granted) but that's a BOGOF and a half. I'm wondering if the pale one is a white legged damselfly and the bold one is common blue damselfly?

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