Seven then

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

I had a meeting arranged for this evening. Since the England win on Thursday night I knew there was only one place I was going to be: sitting on my sofa cheering on the Lionesses.
The last few weeks have been crammed full of everything and nothing. Yes, I have lots to do but no, there's no way I'm missing a match. Yes, there's lots to do but in Saturday's scorching sunshine I spent a couple of hours on a chair in the shade reading my book. I'll compromise but on my own terms.

We took trips out to open gardens two weeks on the trot. If you haven't indulged in a circuit of someone's gorgeous landscape when they not only open it but serve tea and cake then you really are missing out. Perfect way to spend an hour. C and I both thoroughly enjoyed them.

It did mean that time was short for jobs, walking and just generally but never mind - you can only spend time once so might as well spend it wisely. Our own garden is a veritable joy this summer, we've made sure to head outside to admire our hard work. I sniff the roses each time I pass and fuss over the greenhouse twice a day.

If I fashion a day or half day to knock out some posts about all the things I still have to share (and off the top of my head that would total around 5 or 6) then I'd love to but at present they are not surfacing as  priority. And my 90 minutes are spoken for this evening. I'd like to write about that too. Seven then.

Take care,

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