From spring into midsummer: my wishes fulfilled and plans for the coming months

Monday, July 15, 2019

Well, if I haven't fallen back into the habit of abstaining from the blog again....
I would apologise for my absence if I was sorry, but I'm not so I shan't. So there.

It's high time I recapped on how spring went and laid out plans for the rest of summer, better late than never!

Back in mid March my to do list went something like this:

  • Visit the bluebells. Here there and everywhere (or at least somewhere) - yes! It was Wayland wood, Foxley wood and scraps of places we spotted bluebells. And for the first time smelled them.

  • Scuff the wildflower patch and sow the seeds - Indeed, this was done. Another arduous process and I'll be writing about this again soon.

  • Forage elderflowers and make cordial and gin - Yes the cordial, C did much of the foraging very close by. As well as cordial we made elderflower jelly and champagne. More to come on this.

  • Harvest rhubarb and make copious crumble and gin - Harvesting went well. I can't recall whether I did make crumble or just ate the 'barb without. I knocked up a batch of rhubarb and ginger jam and a new recipe of rhubarb and vanilla jam as well as one other interesting make.

  • Sow all the seeds and tend the flower plot, main allotment and the garden - Of course and this has taken up all my 'spare' time. But it's mostly been worth it.

  • Uncover the bench, eat outside - Bench is used for bbq nights and the odd hot afternoon. I envisaged getting the table out to facilitate dining al fresco but keep forgetting.

  • Take a holiday - Taken

  • Get a haircut and ideally embark on a treatment regime - Dream on Soph, this was never going to happen.

  • Swap my wardrobe around and get rid of things which don't fit and search out things that do - Well I had a go.

  • Not buy any more books and instead just read plenty I own, thus making some space on the bookshelf  - When your to-read list is a bookshelf, stack under, on top of and a pile beside it too it's going to take a lot of reading to 'make space'. I've been reading some fantastic books lately though.

  • Visit spring gardens and get envious - Yes and it's been fantastic although it seems photography is frowned upon so I didn't take my camera.

  • Start journaling my growing this year. I need notes to reference! - Another fail. I simply cannot be bothered which is an awful thing to say but it's true.

  • Foraging - we picked wild garlic and made a garlicky mashed potato and just wilted it as spinach. Much foraging has been happening and I want to write more about this soon.

  • Spy what goes on in the natural world - Always

  • We might be well into July but there's still plenty on the agenda for summer:

    To do:

    • Festival to our hearts' content
    • Go to the beach 
    • Harvest allotment produce when it's ready
    • Eat an ice cream
    • Get myself back on track with a balanced lifestyle mindset
    • Write letters to whom they are owed


    • Forage more!
    • Pick flowers from the cutting patch and display in vases
    • Keep the allotment, flower patch and garden tidy
    • Keep tending the wildflower patch - This has been unexpected but necessary
    • Barbecue and dine outdoors
    It appears there is less than I thought for summer! Mostly just beavering away on the plots and spending daylight hours outdoors.

    What does the rest of summer hold for you?

    Take care,

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